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Professional Associations

Professional Associations - Local and National ...

Southern Dental Society is affilaited with many Dental Professional Associations, below are the assocations with links to their websites



Academy of General Dentistry
Academy of General Dentistry ( AGD )

Click Here For Academy of General Dentistry Website …

American Academy of Periodontology
American Academy of Periodontology ( AAP )

Dedicated to Creating Healthy Smiles for Life

Click Here For American Academy of Periodontology Website …

American Assocaition of Orthodontists
American Assocaition of Orthodontists ( AAO )

Click Here For American Assocaition of Orthodontists Website …

American Association of Endodontics
American Association of Endodontics ( AAE )

Click Here For American Association of Endodontics Website …

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacia
American Association of Oral and Maxillofacia ( AAOMS )

Click Here For American Association of Oral and Maxillofacia Website …

American College of Prosthodontics
American College of Prosthodontics ( ACP )

Click Here For American College of Prosthodontics Website …

American Dental Association
American Dental Association ( ADA )

American Dental Association ®, America's leading advocate for oral health

Click Here For American Dental Association Website …

New Jersey Dental Association
New Jersey Dental Association ( NJDA )

The New Jersey Dental Association (NJDA) is the official body of organized dentistry in New Jersey. Its role is both professional and community-oriented and exists for and through its members. The NJDA’s basic purpose is to ensure that the highest quality dental care is provided to the public. Since dentistry exists to serve the public, the NJDA must be sensitive and responsive to public needs

Click Here For New Jersey Dental Association Website …


Special Care Advocates in Dentistry

Click Here For S.A.I.D. Website …

Special Care Dentistry Association
Special Care Dentistry Association ( SCDA )

Click Here For Special Care Dentistry Association Website …